$1 = 103 yen - oreosmommy

Refer a Friend - $10 Credit! - oreosmommy

We'd like to encourage our customers to refer their friends to Celga! From now until the end of May, new customers should just reply to the invoice for their first successful order or bid, naming the friend who referred them to Celga. Then the new customer and their friend will be credited for $10 each!

No Combined Auction Fee AND 25% off Mercari Items! - oreosmommy

It's May and spring is in the air! From now until May 15, please enjoy NO ADDITIONAL COMBINED AUCTION/ORDER FEE for all website orders and auction items!
Usually, there is a minimum fee of $5 per item and if the regular Celga fee does not cover the $5 per item minimum for multiple items from the same seller/webshop, we have to add a "combined auction fee" to bring them all to a minimum of $5 per item/auction. Until May 15, enjoy NO COMBINED ITEM FEE!! Standard Celga fees still apply of course. So, if you've been wanting to pick up 10 small items from the same shop/seller but found the fees prohibitive, now's your chance!
Due to the great response we've received, we would also like to continue to offer 25% off our fee on all Mercari items until May 15!

$1 = 102 yen - oreosmommy

$1 = 101 yen - oreosmommy

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