Did you ever sigh over all the wonderful goods on Japanese web sites and wonder how you could buy them? Celga can help in addition to (links)bidding on Japanese auctions, we also offer direct shopping services for online Japanese shops!

If you don't already have a list of favorite Japanese webshops you can't wait to buy from, we have many shops listed on our (specint)special interest pages. These shops are grouped by the merchandise they carry, so you can find Japanese web sites that carry just what you're looking for. Or if you'd like to see all the web sites, just check out our (shopsearch)shopping sites search function!

When you finally have your shopping list completed, just fill out our (shoprequest)shop purchase request form with all the information requested. Please make sure you include specifics like color and size we can't read your mind and we want to make sure we're purchasing exactly what you want!

Then just send us your deposit! We require 100% of the purchase price in US dollars as a deposit for web site shopping this is different from our auction deposit because when we're buying directly from a web site for you, we know what the item's final cost is going to be.

We'll take it from there, and let you know when we have placed your order!

And of course Celga can help you with pre-orders, reserve orders, and backorders. These may take longer to ship than in-stock items, but once we've placed your order, we'll be tracking it until it arrives safely at our Japanese warehouse!

Please check out our (shopfaq)Japanese shopping FAQ for much more information on our website purchasing services, including detailed instructions on how to get started.

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